KZN Covid-19 update: Reflection on Schools' Opening

1. KZN Government is satisfied with the re-opening of schools so far. Preliminary reports suggests that schools are indeed following health and safety procedures.

2. The number of schools that were opened and functional as of today, 10th June 20202, are 6100, and 48 schools could are not yet opened but plans are in place to ensure that they open with the next few days.

3. KZN Government Acknowledges minor glitches relating to water and sanitation in rural & township schools but all efforts are being made to address challenges. The National Department of Water and Sanitation, SANDF are also on board assisting in water scarce areas and schools.

4. Safety remains our priority. As KwaZulu-Natal we've decided to focus on 3 main priorities: Saving lives; Saving 2020 academic year; & curriculum recovery.

5. The National Department of Water and Sanitation is also on board assisting in water scarce areas and schools.

6. Where there are symptoms we refer such cases to the Department of Health for proper processing. We have Covid-19 case management plan for every school.

7. We will continue to monitor schools throughout the province. We are aware that almost all structures have joined us in monitoring the schools reopening (Members of the KZN Legislature, all MECs, Councillors, & Government Officials are also monitoring).

8. We are working very well education with stakeholders (Unions, & School Governing Bodies). We have a good working relationship and we consult each other on education matters frequently.

9. We reiterate our message that no child must be left behind. Under this trying conditions the future of the African child must not be mortgaged.

10. We thank parents and teachers and let us unite as we navigate the unchartered territories.

We shall overcome Covid-19 and Grow KZN Together!!!