Rebuilding the economy to create jobs, preventing the second-covid-19 wave and building an ethical and incorruptible government is KwaZulu-Natal government next biggest focus, Premier Sihle Zikalala has thrown down the gauntlet to his staff.


Zikalala was addressing the strategic planning of the Office of the Premier, where he reflected on the latest impact on Covid-19, the state of the economy and service delivery.


Zikalala told senior managers to fasten seatbelts and gear up for an unprecedented economic recovery action plan.  He said the province of KwaZulu-Natal is very eager to hear the pronouncements on economic recovery to be announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday.


“The time to rebuild has begun, we have to build our economy as if we are emerging from a major war.  This rebuilding process must ensure that things do not go back to where they were before Covid-19 but change and improve for the better. This includes ensuring excellence and quality in the manner the delivery of services” said Premier Sihle Zikalala.


“The Office of the Premier needs to lead by example.  The Premier’s office need to change the image of government as the least productive sector.  This we will do by eliminating the culture of non-performance and inculcate a culture of consequence management” said Premier Zikalala:


“Our post Covid-19 recovery programme will take place at two levels. The first is at a social level.  At the social level it is important that the recovery must involve the active participation of our citizens. The second aspect of this is Economic recovery”.


“Post Covid-19 we need to do everything in our power to revive the economy. As we do so we must make sure to address the impact of this disaster by growing a strong economy and making sure that economic growth. Actually benefits the people and makes an impact in changing their lives of the better,” said Premier Zikalala.


“The recovery of KwaZulu Natal post Covid-19 period is dependent on the active participation of all our citizens. Government alone cannot afford to resolve all the challenges that we face as a country and as a province. These challenges have resulted from the economic meltdown of 2008, and recently the effect of the Corona Virus.  Given the nature of these challenges, we cannot afford to have citizens play a passive role. All of us must play an active and positive role in finding the solutions, working together with government and all other stakeholders to drive the recovery of our country. 


The Office of the Premier will lead the provincial effort in a bid to position KwaZulu Natal as the driver of this national revival and to become the destination of choice for tourism, local and international investments and to make its contribution to the growth and development of South Africa”.


Premier Zikalala said it was now necessary for government to go beyond the issue of mere compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements and service delivery targets. The OTP must monitor the impact of the work we do such as training, Social Cohesion and Moral Regeneration, Stakeholder Management.


“We are a department first of all. But secondly, we are also a department that has responsibility over other departments as we seek to achieve the provincial and national objectives as outlined in the documents like the NDP 2030 and the Provincial Growth and Development Plan 2030.


“Furthermore we have gone beyond the stage of focusing our energies on Strategies and Plans. We had the Reconstruction and Development Programme following the 1994 national elections, Vision 2030 of the National Development Plan, we have the Vision 203 of the African Union and the Millennium Development Goals. All these are documents that guide our development activities but it is time to focus on the implementation of the visionary objectives contained in these documents . Now is the time to implement”.


Issued by the KwaZulu Natal Office of the Premier


Contact: Lennox Mabaso

Provincial Head of Communication




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