Today we have converged here to pay our last respect to one of the very dedicated and hardworking cadre of the ANC.  Her tragic departure has left many of us devastated and wondering as to what is happening.

The killing of any person cannot be accepted, worst with the killing of a leader of movement and the community. This trend of the killing of ANC Leaders cannot be left unattended. It destabilise families and leave families in great despair.

But it destabilise the organisation and paralyse it functioning. It create a situation where everyone leave in fear and not knowing what next will happen. It is against this understanding that we as the ANC has call for serious investigation on all cases of the killing of comrades.

We all call on government to consider establishing a commission of inquiry to investigate all killings that are seen as political related.

The process of building a leader is extensive and very prolonged. Leaders are not produced over a day or just a year. The killing of leaders weaken the ANC and has serious impact to its future.

As we are here, in eMalahleni we are contesting ward 10 of Daanhouser with a candidate who is no more. As we are here, consequently from the killing of Cde Bonginkosi Skhosana of ward 01 at Vulamehlo we will contest that ward with him being no more. As we laid Cde Khanyisile we will, therefore, contest ward 20 of Mnambithi through her while she is no more. This bring pain to the families and the movement.

We mourn the passing on of Cde Khanyi and feel a great sense of despair for who she was in the revolution. Having grown from Teacher’s Union and the ANCYL structures she assume key responsibilities and dedicated her lives in the movement.

She was a caring person who ran the NGO which was looking after the needy in the community. In that she was not just a career politician, but also a community activist who contributed to sustain many lives.

Cde Khanyi was an activist who always wanted to do work. She was an organiser who would organise ANC activities and programme with great success. She would invest her energies and creativity to ensure that the organisational programme are successful. Through her dedication she will devote her time and even resources to programmes of the movement.

She has been an ANC Women League Regional Secretary not just by coincidence but an affirmation her work and commitment to the movement. Any member of the ANC can be elected to lead the organisation at any level, but for her to be the ANCWL Regional Secretary was like a calling.    

Some members of the ANC join the ANC and serve the ANC just as members and make humble and great contribution. Some get elected to position because there has to be leaders. But some become leaders because they serve the movement diligently and devotedly. I can say with no doubt that Cde Khanyi was one of those who become a leader not just because the Women League needed a Secretary but because of her devotion and diligent service.

The massive and well organisation of ANC WL young women programme held here in the region just two weeks ago attest to her character. For that the ANCWL has lost a leader of a great calibre.

While leaving with the pain of her sudden departure, we must preserve and sustain what she stood for. We must organise for a decisive victory of the ANC in ward 20 and in this district. We must continue with volunteers’ programmes of door to door reach to all residents of the ward and request them to honour her through voting ANC.

In this regard, today mark 10 days before elections. We are pleased that our campaign continue to rise and is reaching a high level. But we must not fall into complacent. We must ensure that all ANC potential voters goes out to vote ANC. Our campaign must take house by house and leave no one.

The future of this country lies largely in the ANC. It is only the ANC that has a clear and achievable programme which respond to the need of all people. There is no South African, in particular Africans who have not benefited from the ANC programme since 1994. Even those who claim that they educated themselves, today they occupy higher position in the private sector or in government which they would have not accessed before the ANC led this country. We have ensure that the poor do not become destitute and provide support to all. The future lies with the ANC and the ANC is the future.

Critical to servicing people, we are going to be very decisive in restoring values and principles of the ANC. The current tasks of organisation renewal requires that we appreciate that we all carry a responsibility to serve our communities. In that we must:

  • Fight corruption where people would want to enrich themselves through government resources.
  • Fight nepotism where those who are public representatives provide favours to the families, relatives and friends.
  • Instil ethics and integrity which is about serving people honestly and responsible.
  • Be operational and work. In that we must attend to issues of communities as branches and regions but also as councillors, Members of Legislatures and National Parliament.
  • Develop our capacity to lead through continuous studying and furthering our knowledge.
  • Ensure that the ANC is open to all and no one feel isolate or deprive from participating in ANC programmes and structures.

As the ANC our task is not about countering the opposition but to fight poverty, unemployment, lack of development and uproot all social ills. This will consequently produce a developed, prosperous and caring society.

Thus we call for restoration of the values, traditions and principles of the ANC. The ANC members must distinguish themselves through hard work, dedication, respect, responsiveness and caring. Equally there must be consequences to ANC members who do not embrace these values and who do not serve the people effectively and responsible.

In that we must restore the gloriousness of the ANC and keep it as the best instrument for liberation at the disposal of our people.       

The ANCWL must keep the legacy of Cde Khanyisile through relentless fight for women emancipation. The ANCWL must honour Cde Khanyisile through effective mobilisation and nurturing of young women as capable leaders of future.

To the family we send our deepest condolences, may God give them courage to overcome this painful loss. To Cde Khanyisile we say farewell for you have made your mark in this ANC. You arrive in the ANC and through your contribution you left it better than it. 

Amandla, Long live the memory of Cde Khanyisile Ngobese-Sibisi Long live!!!